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Project Description

Visual Ribbon Editor is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016 that lets you edit CRM ribbons.  This ribbon editor shows a preview of the CRM ribbon as you are editing it and allows you to easily modify the ribbon without needing to completely understand the underlying XML schema.

Main Features:

* Supports 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 version servers
* Web Resource browser with live preview
* Connects to CRM Online, On-Premise and Hosted (ADFS / IFD)
* Multi-language support
* Connection Profiles
* Edit entity and application ribbons
* Live ribbon preview
* Add new custom buttons to existing groups
* Add new custom groups to existing tabs
* Define button text, tooltip, images and appearance
* Define button actions, enable rules, and display rules
* Hide system and custom buttons
* Hide tabs
* Quickly save the ribbon back to CRM

Notes and Known Issues

* Before saving the ribbon to CRM server, editor will check Ribbon XML for any missing <Title> elements inside existing <LocLabel> elements for each provisioned language. Missing elements will be automatically added upon confirmation. Each value will default to base language value. This is advised action to mitigate possible issues with Translations Import / Export built-in feature
* When you unhide previously hidden tab, it may not show up in Visual Ribbon Editor. You will need to save and reopen the entity from the server to make the tab accessable again
* You may get client script errors in CRM application if you hide all tabs for an entity or application page


This editor doesn't allow you to do everything that is possible with the CRM ribbon xml.  For simplicity, I've limited what the editor can do to what I think are the 90% most common things you would want to do with a ribbon. Some customizations which are possible by editing the ribbon XML by hand have been intentionally left out of this editor.  In particular:

* Version 2013-2016 support is limited. The tool will show the ribbon version 2011-style. Also, new Tablet UI buttons are not displayed in editor and can't be edited using the tool.
* The editor does not allow you to add multiple buttons that share the same CommandDefinitions, RuleDefinitions, or LocLabels.  All buttons created will have their own unique commandDefinition, Rules, and LocLabel elements in the XML even if you want to have two buttons that do the same exact thing.  The CRM ribbonDiffXml allows sharing of these elements between controls but I've left this out of the ribbon editor mainly for simplicity.  It might be added in a future version.
* Does not yet allow the creation of custom ribbon Tabs.
* Does not allow the creation of Custom group Templates.
* Does not allow manually setting the different scale definitions used to resize groups when the ribbon has less horizontal space.
      -When a new custom group is created, the Template used can be modified, but it will always use just one per-deretmined layout from each template as the "MaxSize" scale, and then also use the "popup" layout.  A future version may include the ability to select which layouts from a Template are used.


* .NET Framework 4.5.2
* Windows Identity Framework


Visual Ribbon Editor is available on the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) 
See the License page for more details.

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